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The Categories of Fellowship

All Souls does not admit undergraduates and the composition of its Fellowship differs from that of other colleges. Most of its Fellows, of which a number hold Chairs, Lectureships, or Readerships within the University, are engaged in teaching and research. Others hold fellowships by virtue of a particular office in the College (such as the Chaplain, the Estates Bursar and the Domestic Bursar). Others have careers in the law, government, or other areas of public life.

Examination Fellows

The College holds an examination each autumn, which can be sat by recent graduates of the University and by those registered for graduate degrees in Oxford. The College seeks to elect two Examination Fellows each year if candidates of a suitable standard present themselves. The successful candidates are elected Fellows for seven years. After the first two years the Fellow chooses whether to pursue academic research or to work in other fields.

Details of the examination are available here.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows are researchers early in their careers, who are elected to a five-year fellowship on the basis of research achievements and a proposal for future work. The College aims to elect three to four Post-Doctoral Fellows every other year.

Details of the application procedure are here.

Senior Research Fellows

Senior Research Fellows are elected to a seven-year renewable fellowship on the basis of a distinguished record of past research and a proposal for future work. The appointment is comparable to a research professorship in the University. The College aims to elect two to four Senior Research Fellows every other year.

Details of the application procedure are here.

Visiting Fellows

The College elects a number of visiting fellows each year for one, two, or three terms. The purpose of the scheme is to bring to the College distinguished scholars (and occasionally individuals with careers in public service) from outside the University of Oxford who would benefit from undertaking their research project here. They are not members of the College’s governing body.

Details of the application procedure are here.

University Academics

Some twenty  University chairs or other appointments are ex officio linked with fellowships with the College.  The University, in consultation with the College, makes these appointments.   

Extraordinary Research Fellowships

The College elects scholars to these Fellowships who undertake to complete a particular piece of work which the College or the University of Oxford requires or values.

Other Categories of Fellowship

There are some categories of fellowship for which only former Fellows are eligible. These help maintain links with public life and with academic institutions elsewhere, and bring with them membership of the College’s governing body where they provide useful external perspectives. ‘Fifty-Pound’ Fellowships are tenable by former Prize and Post-Doctoral Fellows. ‘Two-year’ Fellowships are held for two years by former Fellows and Visiting Fellows, who give a series of lectures or classes. Distinguished Fellowships are held by former Fellows who have attained distinction in the service of the Crown, law, literature, science, art, education, or public affairs.

Honorary Fellowships and Emeritus Fellowships are tenable by former Fellows, and are principally honorific titles. Other former Fellows are known as Quondam Fellows. Holders of these Fellowships are not members of the College’s governing body.