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The College has supported the study of philosophy since its foundation and many distinguished philosophers have been Fellows. Starting in the mid-thirties, Isaiah Berlin and J.L. Austin hosted a famous 'Saturday Mornings' discussion group in Berlin's College rooms, attended by other College philosophers, such as Stuart Hampshire, as well as others in Oxford, such as A.J. Ayer.

Today the College has a number of Fellows and Visiting Fellows engaged in philosophical research as well as several more with significant philosophical aspects to their work. The College provides Fellowships to the Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory, currently Professor Jeremy Waldron, and the University Lecturer in Medieval Philosophy, Prof. Cecilia Trifogli.

Current Fellows in Philosophy

Susanne BobzienAncient philosophy and the philosophy of logic and language
Myles BurnyeatAncient philosophy, Plato's Republic
Ellen ClarkePhilosophy of biology
C├ęcile FabreJust war theory, theories of justice, applied ethics in general
Edward HusseyAncient philosophy
Andreas MogensenEpistemology and ethics
Derek ParfitProblems of personal identity, rationality, and ethics
Hanna PickardPhilosophy of mind, philosophy of psychiatry, clinical ethics
Daniel RothschildPhilosophy of language, linguistic semantics, and epistemology
Amia SrinivasanEpistemology, ethics, metaphilosophy
Cecilia TrifogliMoral, political, and legal philosophy; ethics of war