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The College supports research in literature in a number of different areas. The Marshal Foch Professorship in French literature is attached to the College, and its present incumbent, Professor Michael Sheringham, works principally on nineteenth and twentieth century French literature and culture. The College presently has one Senior Research Fellow in English literature, Colin Burrow, who works chiefly on early modern English writing, but who also has interests in classical and European literatures. Neil Kenny is also a Senior Research Fellow working on literature, thought, and culture in France and other parts of Europe. Katherine Rundell is a Prize Fellow in English, who is presently writing a novel. John Drury is a New Testament scholar who has written on the gospels of St Luke and St Mark and on the literary/structural function of parables within the Gospels. Recently he has turned to reception history of the New Testament, written on Christian pictures and their meanings, and is engaged in a study of George Herbert.

The College also regularly supports Visiting Fellows in English literature.

Current Fellows in Literature

Clare BucknellEighteenth-century poetry, particularly poetry of the mid-century; Enlightenment intellectual history
Colin BurrowEarly modern English writing
John DruryPoetry of George Herbert in its historical context and for its present power and value
Neil KennyLiterature, learning, and society in early modern France
Katherine RundellEarly modern poetry and reading practices
Michael ScreechFrench Language and Literature, especially Rabelais
Michael SheringhamNineteenth and twentieth century French literature and culture
Marina WarnerFairy tales and the Arabian Nights, and contemporary re-visionings, especially from the Mahgreb and Middle East; contemporary art